Accidental P.I.

A Private Investigator's Fifty-Year Search for the Facts
By David B. Watts, Private Investigator

Confessions of a private investigator revealed.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a real-life private investigator—watching the bad guys through binoculars during a surveillance or interviewing witnesses in a murder case? Maybe you’ve envisioned testifying in a big federal court case or meeting with Fortune 500-types and advising them when their company is in trouble. Accidental P.I. takes you on a thrill ride following the fifty-year professional career of Private Investigator David Watts, as his life story treats you to these experiences and more. From murder, rioting, gambling and drug raids to sex cases, and fraud, this behind-the-scenes peek at real-life cases shows how investigators get the job done—not like in the movies or on television.

David Watts entered the investigative field as a young New Jersey policeman at the beginning of the turbulent 1960s. His descriptions of the seedier side of the cultural revolution during that era is riveting . . . and you get to go along for the ride! Switching to the private sector, armed with a Super 8 camera, he had the guts to quit law enforcement and start his own business in 1976 and has been at it ever since.


While not an expose, Accidental P.I. gives the reader a sneak peak behind some curtains. The author's personal experiences provide insight into what it was like to be a policeman and detective in the turbulent and racially charged sixties. It offers understanding of insurance claims and how negotiations, trials and settlements are reached amid no small amount of hypocrisy. The book also describes over twenty entertaining and interesting cases with the author's take on his involvement and even how things should have turned out differently in some cases. These are real-life cases effecting real people. There are cases of horrible death. There are criminal defense cases where justice was circumvented. There are phony insurance claims where the plaintiff is unmasked. All this against the backdrop of an evolving justice system over the past five decades.

But more, the book also illustrates how hard work, recognizing opportunity and taking measured risks can overcome life's obstacles .

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