Adapt or Fail

Process with Power
By Michael J. Nick


Today’s millennial is tomorrow’s buyer. Millennial customers are more informed and skeptical, making them less likely to respond to old sales tactics. By the year 2020, 70 percent of the workforce will be millennials. Their way of buying is completely different than Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers. This means that sellers must adapt to these changes—or risk being left behind.

In this new competitive environment, simply getting to the C-suite isn’t enough. Sellers must have specific tools and strategies for keeping the C-suite engaged throughout the sales cycle. In Adapt or Fail, top sales executive Michael Nick teaches you how to:

• Identify and communicate with key decision makers (especially millennials)
• Understand the buyer’s process from the inside out
• Manage your digital presence to maximize interest in your product
• Focus your sales effort on the deals you can win

Adapt or Fail is the single guide that can help you better understand your customer, have more confidence throughout the buying process, and most importantly—close the sale. As Nick writes about deals closed in the past, “Many of these projects failed because of the buyer’s lack of a deep understanding of their issues.” Adapt or Fail ensures your customers will make the right decision, every time!


Today's millinneal is tomorrow's decision maker. By the year 2020 70% of the workforce will be millennials. They buy differently, they make decisions differently, and they communicate differently.Millenials are very adept with technology. These facts alone will require sales professionals to make changes in they way they sell to this new generation of buyers. Michael takes you on a journey of buying in the past, present, and future relying heavily on sales tools, process, and training. You will learn what to expect in the future and how to handle the changes coming. To survive thse changes today's sales professional must adapt or fail.

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