The Branding Sutra

The Principles of Branding for the Business of Life
By Merry Carole Powers

Why should you be any less successful than a cornflake?

Unlike cornflakes and the thousands of other copycat creations enjoying notoriety and pulling in huge sums of money in our world, human beings are not parody products. We are one-of-a-kind, limited edition originals. Each one of us has come here to explore and express our invaluable uniqueness, making ourselves, and the world, richer for having done so. 

Mary Carole Powers, writer, creative director, and corporate social responsibility consultant with more than 20 years of experience creatively stewarding global brands, has taken the six core building blocks every multi-billion-dollar brand is built upon and reapplied these success principles from products to people. Join her on the corner where business acumen meets spiritual insight and take a journey that transforms the discipline of branding from a sales tool into a life tool. One that can position you to pinpoint your unique vaule and put it into action to create a business, relationship, and life that brings you success on the truest levels. 

After all, if a cornflake can do it, why not you? 


Every great brand, from the iconic global enterprises to the small startups that are changing the game, has six things in common. They are the six fundamental brand building blocks that lay the foundation and guide the path to a successful business. This book takes these principles, that have traditionally only been used to sell products, and reapplies them to people. Believing that people are the most valuable commodity on this planet, Merry Carole Powers, who has been creative director to some of the largest brands in the world, brings a deeper, more human perspective to help set us all up to more truly succeed in life. Equal parts business acumen and spiritual insight, this book reveals how to envision yourself as a valuable commodity, harness individual talents and skills in unique and purposeful ways, and bring more meaning to your career and your life. In a leveling of the playing field of success, the Branding Sutra repositions branding from a business tool into a life skill.

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